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Kunihiko Moji
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Moji Kinihiko is one of the main characters of Bokurano.


He is represented as a kind and insightful person. He is also quick to offer advice and praise during the other pilot's battles. He is also shown to have deep care for his childhood friends Nagi and Tsubasa. He also shows respect for Waku Takashi as he informs everyone about his funeral details.


Moji's opponent differs greatly from the other battles, having the ability to split into two. He also uses mind games to come to the conclusion that the enemies have hearts. After his battle he demands to be teleported to the hospital before he dies so his heart will go to Nagi to cure his terminal heart illness.



Waku Takashi[]

He respects Takashi greatly and is shown to be good friends with him. He also cares about him when he's dead as he arranges the other characters to attend Takashi's funeral.

Jun Ushiro[]

Though they haven't interacted much during the series, Moji was quick to take Ushiro's side when he is accused of purposly killing Takashi along with Kanjii.

Nagi and Tsubasa[]

Nagi and Tsubasa are childhood best friends with Moji. They grew up together being the only orphans who are the same age. Moji has deep care for both friends but admits that he's happy Nagi got the illness and not Tsubasa. Though whether or not he has a crush on Tsubasa is never stated as he supported Nagi when he admitting he had feelings for Tsubasa. After meeting Zearth, he takes a test to see if his heart would save Nagi. Though the chances were incredibly small, his heart would. Before his battle he requests to have him teleported to the hospital before he dies so there's time for the surgery. Neither Nagi or Tsubasa knew that Moji was the donor. Itss implied that after the surgery, Nagi takes Moji's advice and confesses his love. It is unknown, however, what the outcome of that is.

Zearth Pilots[]

Characters who are either known to have piloted Zearth at some point or have been specifically considered to pilot it at some point.

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