The plot of the series focuses on one-on-one battles between robots from alternate dimensions. Each alternate dimension of Earth receives a giant robot. Each of these robots must be led into battle by a human pilot. The robots draw their energy from the life force of their pilot, meaning that each pilot dies after their battle is over, regardless of whether the battle resulted in a win or a loss. After the battle, the universe of the robot that lost ceases to exist, dooming all of its inhabitants. The universe of the robot that won continues to exist, and the robot continues on to the next battle. After a certain number of wins (the number differs from universe to universe), the universe no longer has to undergo more battles to survive. When this happens, the robot of that universe moves on to another universe where the new universe's inhabitants have to pilot it to their own set of battles. Most of the early robots (from "Arachne" up to "Fig", in alphabetical order) are named in episode #25 of the manga.

Known Robots (Manga)Edit

  • Zearth
  • Arachne (Adversary #1)
  • Bayonet 
  • Cancer
  • Drum
  • Enigma
  • Fig
  • Gonta
  • Arachne II
  • Enigma II
  • Humbug (Adversary #8)
  • Idol
  • Javelin (Adversary #10)

Known Robots (Anime)Edit