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Takashi Waku
Manga Debut
Anime Debut
Episode 1: Game
Also Known As
Waku (ワク)
Blood Type
155 cm
Voice actor
Daisuke Sakaguchi (阪口 大助, Sakaguchi Daisuke)

Takashi Waku (和久 隆, Waku Takashi) is one of the Pilots of Zearth.


Waku is an energetic and confident young boy. He was previously a talented soccer player and is considered popular. He wanted to become a professional player, and his friends thought he had the talent for it. However, he found out that his salary-man father was a soccer player just like him in his youth, and even played at the national level. The fact that someone just like him didn't make it shook Waku's resolve, and he stopped playing soccer.


Waku is chosen to become the first pilot of the children. After his battle, the children celebrate on Zearth's chest. When Jun Ushiro pats Waku on the back, Waku falls off the side into the ocean. All of the children think that Jun accidentally pushed him, but in reality, Waku actually died a moment before, when his time as a pilot ended.

Zearth Pilots[]

Characters who are either known to have piloted Zearth at some point or have been specifically considered to pilot it at some point.

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01 Kokopelli | 02 Takashi Waku | 03 Masaru Kodaka | 04 Isao Kako | 05 Chizuru Honda | 06 Daiichi Yamura

07 Mako Nakarai | 08 Kunihiko Moji | 09 Maki Ano | 10 Yōsuke Kirie | 11 Aiko Tokosumi | 12 Takami Komoda

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