In the manga (and to a lesser extent, the anime) a number of fictional weapons and vehicles are shown. They include the following.

Type 88 Light Fighter: A canard (tail-first) jet fighter used by the JASDF. In the manga, Lt. Tanaka flies one battle the drones used by the military of an enemy world during Kana's battle. She succeeds, but is killed by the enemy robot

Type 96 Fighter: A delta-winged jet fighter used by the JASDF to drop a nuclear bomb on the "Javelin" robot.

Type 76 General Purpose Aircraft: A tandem-winged light transport/anti-submarine aircraft seen providing aerial surveillance during Kako's battle

News Helicopter: A helicopter with a large, bubble-like cockpit used for observation and surveillance.

Akagi: An aircraft carrier belonging to the JMSDF

Type 91 Anti-Aircraft Missile: An air-to-air missile carried by the Type 88 fighter. It uses an onboard guidance system to find its own target without the help of the fighter pilot.